Saturday, July 28, 2012

Now Featuring Carla

This week Crystal's Curls is featuring Carla. Carla is gorgeous and so is her hair. She wanted to share her journey with you. Enjoy!!!

Name - Carla Melonson
Originally from - Riverside, CA - living in San Antonio since Aug 2011
- I started growing my relaxer out in late 2009 and have been completely natual since about June 2011.
- I decided to go natural because I wanted to be able to color my hair and my stylist wouldn't do it because of the relaxer. I wasn't really planning on going curly at that time - I was just flat ironing my hair instead of relaxing.
- I did not do a big chop. In June 2011, I cut out the remaining relaxer, which was just a couple of inches. I never really considered doing a big chop because at the time I wasn't really planning on going curly. 
- My regimen: I use the Curly Girl method - that book taught me how to really take care of my hair. I use Wen Cleansing Conditioner to co-wash and as a leave-in, then I blot excess water out with a microfiber towel, use a little bit of DevaCurl gel and blow dry with a diffuser. On days that I don't wash my hair I use DevaCurl Set it Free to refresh the curl.
- I would say that my favorite thing about being natural is not having to worry as much about what my hair is going to do on humid days. I really love my curls and they're basically weather-proof which is very refreshing after all those years of fighting my hair on humid days. Also, I can work out, run, swim, do whatever exercise I want without worrying about sweating out my relaxer - I LOVE THAT!
- My celebrity hair crush is Halle Berry - whether she's wearing her hair short or long, her hair is always FIERCE! I love when she was wearing her hair long and curly - I would look at her hair and say, "That's what I want MY hair to look like!"

I would like to add that the thing that has made the biggest difference in my hair was learning how important it was to keep it moisturized. I never realized how much damage I was doing to my hair with all of the heat styling that I was doing. Once I read the Curly Girl book I started to really keep my hair moisturized and I stopped using my flat iron, and my hair really started to change. After a couple of months I had this head full of really soft and defined curls. I was like, "Where did this hair come from??"

Carla, thanks for sharing your journey with us. The thing I love about Carla's story is that she is another testament to the CG method that I have been discussing on the blog.  It is the real deal.  Carla, I would love for you to do a product review of the Wen!!!! So readers please look out for that.  

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