I am Crystal. I am from Chicago but currently live in South Texas.  I am a wife and mother to two daughters, ages 6 & 8.  I also work full time as an auditor and I am the owner of Flor Bella Boutique. 
Visit us at (http://www.florbella.storenvy.com)
My life is pretty busy with my girls, my husband and both of my jobs. 

I have been natural since 2008. I did not do a big chop (bc) as I was afraid of having short hair (I have a big head according to my husband, lol)

In addition to loving my natural hair, I also have a passion for couponing. I began couponing in July 2011 after channel surfing and coming upon the show 'Extreme Couponing' on TLC. While I am not THAT extreme, I do enjoy saving money and getting a bargain on the things my family needs. It is also wonderful that my husband supports my couponing and does not perceive me as a crazy person who is cheap. He appreciates and sees how many things I am able to get for very low prices.  He actually goes couponing with me on short trips. You know most men can't hang while we women shop till we drop. LOL.

I even cut my girls in on my couponing action.  The good thing about couponing is I can try many products in my quest for what works for me without going broke.  I hope that my coupoing tips can help you all save money as well. You CAN be frugally fabulous!!!! ;)

I welcome your comments, advice and questions as I discover what the best course of action is for me and my girls on this natural journey.