Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mystery Meat?!

Remember in grade school (and quite possibly high school) when you went through the lunch line and there was a big blob of meat on your tray and you couldn't identify what type of meat it was? 

Well, if you don't, I do remember that. There are also plenty of movies that depict such a scene.  (Try any movie with a prison scene.)

Today, I don't have mystery meat. But, I do have this mystery

Yes, the one and only Kemi Oyl.   

What exactly is in this stuff?  My stylist back home in Chicago recommended this oil (oyl) to me when I was relaxed. I loved it and I loved the smell. I loved that a little went a long way.  As a matter of fact I have two large bottles of this under my sink right now.  As much as I want to use it, I will not use it.  Why, might you ask?  Because now that I am trying to become more aware of what I put in my hair, how can I put something in my hair if I don't know what is in it?  Why can't you locate the ingredients as well?  Why can't we find anything about this company online? 
There is even a forum on this topic. You can see it here
Seems kinda shady if you ask me. What do you think?

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