Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to Basics

Since this is my birth month I said I didn't want to wait till January to get my behind back to business. Just a short post to share what my plans are for the next month and beyond.  I want to give myself the birthday gift of 10 pounds off my frame by the end of the month. I started cross-fit last month. My plan is to go MWF no matter what.  I have been blaming FLOR BELLA BOUTIQUE enormous sales as reason for not going because I have been busy.  

My breakfast will be my green smoothie like the one here 
(which is purple because I added lots of berries)

I started my 10 day cleanse with Advocare today.  

I am taking my Manetabolism to get my body and MY HAIR right!!!

Thanks to Jenell from Kinky Curly Coily Me, I add Vega to my smoothie (I add a half scoop)
I add 2TBSP of flax seed to my smoothie.  
I use the Ninja Pro System blender (not for long!!! Vitamix here I come!!!)

I will post back with details throughout the month. I am also adding the following items to my daily routine for this month:

Are any of your waiting until 1.1.14 or are you starting now.  Are you already in the gym and eating right? Let me know. Share your routines.

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