Friday, October 26, 2012

Frugal Friday

Friday 10/26 Shopping Trip

I score 20 Weight Watchers meals today and the total before coupons was $37.52

After coupons, I paid $17.52

HEB has a (B) coupon that CAN BE STACKED with a manufacturers coupons. There is a Weight Watchers $3 off 10 printable coupon.  That is the coupon I used to do this deal. I printed (2) of the coupons and used (2) of the HEB $7 off coupons.  

If you like the Weight Watchers meals like I do (and you live near an HEB) this is an INCREDIBLE deal. That means that my meals were $.87 each.  That is AWESOME.

*Special Thanks to Jen King @ Spend Less, Shop More for the wonderful tip. She is an HEB GURU.*

*HEB is the grocer here in South Texas*

Happy Saving

Be Blessed

p.s. this tip came JUST IN TIME, as I have been eating CRAPPY all this week. Tomorrow is my fresh start.  So these meals will definitely be incorporated into my regimen as they were when I joined Weight Watchers in October 2010 and I lost 15 pounds really fast.  


  1. Envious! After seeing this awesome deal, I wish we had HEB here. I had never heard of HEB before this post.

    1. At Bailey, I don't know where you live but Kroger's is a good grocer they also double coupons. HEB does not do that. HEB is the monopoly of grocery here. There isn't much choice. Either HEB or Walmart. Since Walmart's produce is crappy, HEB it is!!!

      Where do you live?