Sunday, November 11, 2012

T's Wash & Go today

Whoever invented the term 'wash n go' didn't know what it meant to simply wash and go.  But I digress. Today I washed out the old curlformer hairstyle that T had in all week that quite frankly looked ridiculous.  

Here are the pics of her hair.

 All Smiles

 Sitting on the couch watching Disney and eating Sunchips

I love her hair and she keeps swinging it.  I am so excited that this baby said she likes her hair curly and said she doesn't want it straight until Christmas. Thank you Jesus!!!!

I followed the normal routine. Click HERE for details. I did add coconut oil to the leave in so that she will have moisture.  If her hair dries out during the week I will be applying DailyCurlz Oil Mix for added moisture.  Her oil can be purchased at

Her hair will be put in a pineapple tonight and protected by her FlorBella Bonnet.

Flor Bella Bonnets can be purchased at 
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Be Blessed.

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