Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trial & Error

Hey ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful week.  A few days ago I discovered a beautiful blogger named Francheska of Hey Fran Hey.  I found her while searching for bloggers who follow a healthy lifestyle with tips I felt were better able to fit into my life.  I found her site and I saw that she is hosting a challenge for  February to detangle with fingers only and coconut oil only before shampooing.  For more information on this challenge, you can click here.  Luckily for me, I already had my Spectrum unrefined coconut oil here.  Not so lucky for me is that I didn't read Fran's entire challenge post where she stated to watch her video detailing her detangling process.

So I did detangled my entire head using my fingers only and coconut oil only.  
Photo: I have just finished Hey Fran Hey's challenge. Detangling with coconut oil and fingers only
So this seemed like it took me forever. I did this last night after coming home at from work after 8:00.  I didn't finish until after 10. I know I have a lot of hair, but so does Fran.  So, I decided to watch the video AFTER THE FACT, because I knew that this process took too long for me to be able to incorporate this into my life.  Lo and behold, I did a few things wrong. However, I learned a few things to make the process better next week when I do it again.  In the video she also demonstrates how she detangles with water and conditioner which most of us know how to do.

I will try a few things differently next time:

  • I will use water and coconut oil instead of oil only because I think it will speed up the time.  
  • I will detangle smaller sections instead of trying to rush and do larger sections.  

Overall, I liked how moisturized my hair felt.  So today I am going to be getting into my shower later today and co washing and then steaming.  I will be detangling with fingers only for the rest of the month.  I usually detangle with my wide tooth comb while in the shower. So this will definitely help me save some money on my water bill.  I will also be buying a larger jar of the EVCO as I will go through this small jar too quickly.

Until next time,
Be Blessed

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